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GENIE for Relativity

Australian federal and state practice notes default to exchanging in a format that is not natively compatible with Relativity.

GENIE (Global Ediscovery Native Import & Export) for Relativity is a custom-built solution used to template and automate the import/export process in Relativity for Australian compliant Export MDB load files. It ensures consistency on pre/post data loading processes which are custom to your environment.

GENIE - Import Screen
GENIE - Import: Data Source
GENIE - Post Import Processing
GENIE - Post Import Processing Action Order
Genie - Export Screen
GENIE - Images to Replace Natives
GENIE - Import Field Settings

Version History

v6.0.2 / v10.3.6 [2020-09-22]:

  • Download Original Native & PDF Agent generated PDF
  • Download produced images
  • Adjustable export batch size

v6.0.1 / v10.3.6 [2020-08-18]:

  • Fixed issue with incorrect field mappings on export screen
  • Fixed issue with the same script being run multiple times during post-import
  • Fixed issue when exporting large extracted text values

v6.0.0 / v10.3.6 [2020-07-21]:

  • Major interface redesign
  • Conceptual Index skip on fail due to too few items
  • minor bug fixes

v5.3.5 / v10.3.5 [2020-06-14]:

  • Remove hard-coding Document ID field
  • Minor bug fixes

v5.3.4 / v10.3.4 [2020-05-09]:

  • PPTX Text Extraction issue

v5.3.3 / v10.3.3 [2020-05-03]:

  • Ability to run Classification Index.
  • Bug Fix: Text extract using office xml for pptx files.
  • Ignore Email Threading error when there are no emails.
  • License verification changes.

v5.3.2 / v10.3.2 [2020-04-13]:

  • Bug Fix: Minor bug fixes.

v5.3.1 / v10.3.1 [2020-04-05]:

  • Bug Fix: bug fix in conceptual index build inner exception.

v5.3.0 / v10.3.0 [2020-04-05]:

  • Bug Fix: Bug in extensions method fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Bug in OCRed document page count.
  • Additional logging for conceptual index proxy creation.

v5.2.9 / v10.2.9 [2020-03-19]:

  • Native Export type bugs fixed.
  • Minor cosmetic adjustments.
  • PDF Page labels and Directory not found issues fixed.

v5.2.8 / v10.2.8 [2020-03-11]:

  • Conceptual Analytics Scripts loading error is caught and errormessage is logged.
  • Scripts can be checked/unchecked from Import Progress screen before clicking start button.

v5.2.7 / v10.2.7 [2020-02-28]:

  • Bug fix: Level folders created successfully from extras field.
  • Bug fix: On Overlay - extracted text is now taken from txt files if exist.
  • Bug fix: Error handling in reading RDOs of type "Analytics index" for conceptual builds.

v5.2.6 / v10.2.6 [2020-02-16]:

  • Microsoft Data Access Tools 2010 are now included in the installation folder.
  • GENIE now checks if MDAC tools are missing on the client machine and advises installation before proceeding further
  • Bug fix: Tables schema updates are automated

  • Requirements Windows Operating System Access to a Relativity environment
  • Documentation User Guide
  • Downloads Relativity On-Prem v6.0.0 - Relativity v10.1 v6.0.2 - Relativity v10.3
  • Downloads RelativityOne v10.3.6 - Relativity v10.2+
  • Can't find your version? Download the version closest to your Relativity environment. If you have any issues please contact our team and we will work with you.