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HyperlinQ now compatibile with RelativityOne

HyperlinQ now compatibile with RelativityOne

Our HyperlinQ application is fully compatible with RelativityOne, the cloud version of Relativity's e-discovery platform, in addition to already-supported Relativity versions.

HyperlinQ is an automated hyperlinking tool for Relativity, designed to automatically hyperlink documents referred to in pleadings, witness statements, chronologies and trial bundles.

The app will identify Document IDs in the source Word document by recognising document numbering patterns. Documents will either be directly linked to Relativity or be downloaded as an offline copy.

Key features include:

  • Automatic Document ID pattern recognition including customisable RegEx functionality
  • Export of native documents from the Relativity database or link directly to the document in Relativity
  • Audit log of all Document IDs which have been successfully linked
  • A report on Document IDs that match the pattern but have not been found
  • Save final version as Word or PDF file
  • Option to create a print bundle of the documents by placing them in the order they appear in the Word document
  • Local install on user's PC with ability to connect to any Relativity environment and secure authentication with Relativity user credentials

Hillogic's CEO, Rick Hill, states "We saw a real need to offer automated hyperlinking to documents in Relativity. Clients have been telling us how time consuming it is to manually hyperlink documents and how frustrating it is when a new version of the source document is unexpectedly provided so the exercise needs to be redone. HyperlinQ is a new and exciting tool which will greatly reduce administrative processes in the eDiscovery industry and be a time-saving product for all organisations."

RelativityOne is the secure and easy-to-run cloud e-discovery platform that can be scaled or extended to meet the needs of any litigation or digital investigation. Integrations and products from partners like Hillogic are found in the Relativity App Hub, where users can pick and choose solutions to solved data challenges in e-discovery or beyond.

"We're excited that HyperlinQ is now available in Relativity and RelativityOne," said Drew Deitch, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Relativity. "The ability to link directly to critical documents in Relativity is a powerful addition and will allow our users to spend more time finding the truth in their data - faster."
Hillogic supports the current RelativityOne release and will continue to provide customers with the best possible service and support with all future releases.